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My name is Chris Garrison

I'm a personal trainer in the West Hartford area with a passion for helping people move with confidence.  I've coached clients from ages 12 to 93 and would love the opportunity to work with you or your child!

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My Coaching Background

  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Movement and Wellness   (Exercise Science, Psychology and Nutrition)

  • Strength Coaching Internships with D1 Basketball and Swimming at The University of Alabama

  • FRC Certified - Range of Motion and Joint Health

  • CES Certified - Corrective Exercise

  • FMS Certified - Movement Screening

  • 7 Years Experience with general populations including student athletes, older adults, and post-injury programming

My Personal Background

  • Proud parent of the professional sleeper pictured right

  • I enjoy playing quite a few sports, but basketball has been an intense passion project for me after playing 3 years with the Alabama Women's Practice Squad

  • Half-decent home cook

  • Espresso enthusiast (putting it a bit lightly)

  • Avid audiobook listener - Dan John, Eckhart Tolle, and Brian Tracy are some of my all-time favorite authors

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