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I started training with Chris in 2017 with very little experience in the gym. With his motivation, fitness has become a core part of my life. Chris has an impressive technical background and has great attention to detail. He is thoughtful with the programs he creates and tailors them to my unique goals, driving me to constantly improve and keeping me engaged. My favorite thing about Chris is how he prioritizes good form — I am continuously learning so much from him!

Kate - CT


"I've had four years of focused, adaptive, and progressive private training with great results thanks to Chris"

Jeff - CT


When the gyms closed due to Covid, Chris kept my home workouts effective and engaging with our Zoom training. Now that I've changed states, I'm glad to have his workouts when I hit the gym!

Alex - FL


I feel very grateful that training with Chris was my first serious experience with fitness as an adult.  In a world full of extremes (Lift all the pounds! Lose all the weight!), Chris's approach to training is refreshingly moderate. He listens to his clients and helps them meet their goals in a sustainable way, with a focus on being active and injury-free for many years to come.

Leah - CT


After dealing with multiple hip and ankle overuse injuries, I thought I would never squat again. With Chris’s help, I’ve not only improved my mobility, strength, and movement patterns, but I’ve got a barbell back on my shoulders again.

Caitlin - CT

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