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Get in the best shape of your life!

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I provide results-driven, customized programming and coaching to help you achieve your unique goals.  With feedback from you during our 1-on-1 session, I'm able to tailor the workload to be just enough to make progress - without excessive soreness or fatigue. A high-quality workout will address all the fundamental movement patterns and leave you invigorated, not depleted.

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Strength Training

Getting stronger is the single best way to lose weight and to feel better doing so. Whether you have major performance/aesthetic goals, or just want to move through your day a bit easier, strength training with a customized program and private instruction will get you there!

Mobility and Range of Motion Training

Golf swing feel awfully stiff? 

Does your leg barely clear the pet gate?


These are range of motion issues that can be improved!  Mobility training is so much more than just stretching.  To learn more about Functional Range Conditioning email us today at

Agility and Conditioning Training

Want to improve your coordination or get the lungs ready for a sports season?

We'll employ sport-specific circuit training and agility drills to have you in form for any occasion - or just the game of life!

"First Move Well, Then Move Often" Gray Cook

At Crimson Fitness, we believe that training will be one the most valuable investments you'll ever make.  By examining and improving fundamental movement patterns, we accelerate progress while avoiding foreseeable roadblocks. Once we have the basics down, we home in on achieving your unique fitness goals. Crimson Fitness will be your one-stop-shop to lose weight, get stronger, and silence that nagging joint pain once and for all!


I started training with Chris in 2017 with very little experience in the gym. With his motivation, fitness has become a core part of my life. Chris has an impressive technical background and has great attention to detail. He is thoughtful with the programs he creates and tailors them to my unique goals, driving me to constantly improve and keeping me engaged. My favorite thing about Chris is how he prioritizes good form — I am continuously learning so much from him!

Kate - CT


"I've had four years of focused, adaptive, and progressive private training with great results thanks to Chris"

Jeff - CT


When the gyms closed due to Covid, Chris kept my home workouts effective and engaging with our Zoom training. Now that I've changed states, I'm glad to have his workouts when I hit the gym!

Alex - FL


645 Farmington Ave - Office 1NW, Hartford, CT 06119, USA

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